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Friday Favourites 13th January 2023

Hello! Welcome to this new blog which was set up to try to support other genealogy, family history and social history bloggers. I thought it would be a good way to share some of my favourite posts that I’ve read through the week with others and hopefully generate more interest for each of them.

This is obviously the first week, but I hope to share a blog every Friday of my top posts of the week so you can check those out. There is also an index of those bloggers who have signed up (for free of course) to appear on this blog, though in my top blogs for the week there will be a mixture of those in the index and those I’ve stumbled upon during the week.

Here are my favourite blog posts from this week! There are quite a few from the 52 Ancestors challenge by Amy Johnson Crow that are fascinating to read! There are only a handful this week as I have only just started, but I should have a longer list for you to snoop through next week. Enjoy!!!



4 responses to “Friday Favourites 13th January 2023”

  1. Teresa (fhtess65) avatar

    Thanks so much for choosing my post to be part of your list 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. missjeanaologie avatar

      You’re very welcome! I really enjoyed reading it.


  2. jslash831 avatar

    Thank you.


    1. missjeanaologie avatar

      You’re very welcome!


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