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Friday Favourites 27th January 2023

Hello and happy Family History Friday! I am sorry this blog is a little bit later than normal. This week I have been getting involved in a project that I thought was very important called #EveryNameCounts. They are looking for volunteers to transcribe records relating to the victims of the Nazis. With it being Holocaust Memorial Day today, I’ve been spending some of my time transcribing some of the Central Location Index (CLI) records. If it sounds like something you would like to get involved with too, then this is the link to the website:

Of course, I have snooped through a few blogs this week and added some great new blogs to the index too. A huge thank you to Daniel Loftus for retweeting about the blog. He’s a very inspiring young man who’s doing so many great things within genealogy so he is well worth following on Twitter if you use the platform:

These were some of my favourites from this week. Please have a look and if you enjoy them as much as I did, do think about giving their blog a like or a follow.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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